Business Energy Shop

Business Energy Shop is a B2B energy broker based in London. BES was setup with the main aim of helping business customers control their energy costs. They work with most of the energy suppliers in the UK and help businesses switch their electricity and gas to a better and a cheaper supplier. They have a dedicated team of energy experts working from their London offices helping businesses with energy related inquires.


Business Energy Shop wanted to develop a B2B energy price comparison tool for their website where customers can compare their electricity and gas tariffs by entering few of their business information. The tool has to be responsive, so that a user can use it on any device.


ThinkIoT decided to use energy price APIs offered by one of the largest consultancies based in the UK. Our team looked at similar price comparison tools offered by some other energy related businesses to see how we could come up with a better solution.

It was decided that, the price comparison tool would need the minimum fields of input to make it quicker and user friendly.

From the concept, we were able to fully scope out, design and develop a bespoke price comparison tool.

Tools & Technology used

Business Benefits

The complete system provided the following benefits to business and its end users: