APP Development

Securely share data with guests and external users

USB drives and public clouds present security threats to businesses as the security of the sensitive documents can be compromised even accidentally. With YouCoud, you can share your documents using password protection with guests or external users. YouCloud allows users to share their documents as public links that can also have expiration dates set to protect them after certain time.

Freedom to work from anywhere

    YouCloud helps organizations to increase their productivity by allowing their staff to work from any location; whether from home, office or at client's location. They have access to all the necessary data to carry out their day-to-day tasks with ease.

Private Cloud

YouCloud offers software and support to create their very own private on-premises cloud. No need to worry where your data is stored and who may have unauthorized access to your organization's sensitive information. Your IT team will maintain full control over your business information (documents, images) with secure access by those who are authorize to access that information.